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What Are The Best Water Treatment Solutions For The Great Lakes?

With this combination of water resources, The Great Lakes water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

Surface water, like rivers and snow melt, absorb contaminants that can be harmful for consumption as well as annoying around the home. Most of these contaminants include naturally occurring bio materials and minerals. This means water quality can worsen seasonally when warming temperatures contribute to algal blooms, or heighten water sensitivity to microorganism growth.

Ground water presents its own treatment challenges and filtration issues, so The Great Lakes residents with primarily ground water service may see different water problems than those using water from The Great Lakes’ surface water sources. Most often, these manifest as hard water problems which cause buildup on faucets and fixtures, and can be hard on appliances and plumbing.

Depending on where you live in The Great Lakes or the surrounding areas, you’ll access water that comes from lakes and rivers. Surface water sources like these tend to be more volatile and subject to contamination by nature, but aging plumbing and infrastructure can exacerbate water problems. 

Great Lakes Region Drinking Water Problems

While surface water sources have many benefits for communities, changes in the environment, as well as industrial or agricultural activity, can quickly and dramatically impact water quality. While the cities of The Great Lakes treat water to federal drinking water quality standards, that doesn’t always mean that the safe water that leaves the treatment plant is the same water that reaches your kitchen sink. Water plumbing and distribution systems can impact its safety, since contaminants like lead and copper commonly found in old plumbing, can leach into water before it reaches homes and businesses. 

If you’re ever concerned about your The Great Lakes water quality, it’s important to have it tested. Some of the signs you may notice of contamination or poor water quality are discoloration (usually brownish or rust colors) or unpleasant taste or smells (typically metallic or chemical).

Great Lakes Region Water Treatment Solutions

At the first sign of an issue, always stop drinking the water until you can determine it’s safe to drink. Our local water experts will come to your house to test water for free and discuss the results with you.

Once you know what’s in your water, we’ll help you determine the best way to fix it. Whether that’s a whole home water filtration system, or an under-sink drinking water system, we’ll customize a drinking water system that’s right for you and your home to ensure you’re always getting the safest, highest-quality water possible.